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Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 09:44:19 PST[Show full headers] [Add to Address Book]
From:"Brian Boyd" <> [Add to Address Book] [Add to Address Book]
Subject:ChangesChat: Re: Question

At 06:34 PM 02/24/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi Brian,
>I can't remember if you gave me suggestions where to advertise when I signed
>up. I deleted most of my files recently. I have a prospect inquiring on this
>Please send over any suggestions.

Hi Mark,

I can't believe this happened. My email program locked up right when I was
about to finish this email the first time. That makes me mad. Oh well,
that's life with these computers so I will type it all out again.

I don't think I gave you any suggestions as I haven't advertised a lot in
the past months. Just not enough time. Anyway, I will tell you what has
been good traffic generators for me in the past. Not sure if they will work
the same.

Lotto games have been really good to generate traffic, but the quality of
people are still unknown to me. Tim Whitney has a good deal with his lotto
game which can be found at...

The AIM ezine has produced some good prospects and even reps in the past,
but it didn't generate a lot of traffic.
This company has several ezines that you can advertise on, but AIM is the
only one I've personally tried.

Another good deal for long term traffic is...
you pay for an entire year in 3 malls and it has produced good results when
I used them.

If you don't mind paying to be listed in a search engine, I would suggest
bidding for a position at...

Below is a few other internet malls that have generated some good traffic.

Just remember that I advertised with all these places in the past and got
good results. The Internet changes so fast that it's possible that if you
tried any of these, you might not get good results, but then again, you might.

Since others on ChangesChat might benefit from this, I have copied them on
this email.

Let me know if you try any and how it goes.


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 hoax warnings, etc. can be funny and useful, but not everyone may
 be interested.

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 from ChangesChat and their website will be deleted. This is not
 appropriate and will not be tolerated, period!

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